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My Life as O'Malley the Aristocratic Cat.

13 Years from now was 2005 when I was born happily with my siblings and mum until I got taken away to two young men.

They took me in to their home and got drunk and mis-treated me badly.

One day they got that drunk with their friends that they put a rope around my neck and hanged me.

Luckily a man saw me hanging from the tree and came to my rescue by cutting me down and took me home to his house.

I met his wife Duk and another beautiful cat named Duchess who was also a wild rescue cat. Duchess was a beautiful white color with bright blue eyes and so from that day on I was called O'Malley the wild cat. This is how we got our names from the Disney Aristocrat movie.

They took me to the vet whenever I was in need; sometimes because I had been involved in a fight with other cats who came to try to take over my territory and to steal the affection I was getting from David and Duk.

I was born with a black and white coat with green eyes and a black beard.

I lived a very long and comfortable life and gave and experienced much love and care for those I lived with. I made new friends with Magpies, Currawongs, Butcher Birds and Kookaburras and mice who simply were friends for me to play with without hurting them as my parents fed me every day and the birds and mice as well.

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